Monday, April 14, 2014

A Gallery of Postage Stamp People

I've been slow to share my latest Postage Stamp People collages.  I've continued to have great fun pairing portrait-style postage stamps with vintage photographs to create new, quirky characters.

First, there is a casual Queen Elizabeth, relaxing on a spring afternoon by the river:
Next, a dapper Francisco Franco, looking every bit as uptight as I'm sure he truly was:
And how about an adorable Ralph Bunche, fishing on the dock down by the harbor:
And, perhaps you recall FDR as a cigarette girl?  Here he is looking like a relaxed James Dean-style character, looking out over the open road:
Did you hear about Abe's marriage to Rachel Carson?  Yeah, no one saw that coming.
But don't worry about Rachel.  She enjoyed plenty of wild times in her single years:
We knew George Washington couldn't tell a lie about the old cherry tree, but did you know about his years in the priesthood?
And, finally, a peek at Ben Franklin during his younger years, looking relaxed and confident in his boyhood:
I can't quite get enough of these quirky characters!
You can see my first Postage Stamp People here.
If you haven't seen my birthday list of 41 Ways to Keep It Fresh, please check it out here.  If you like the ideas and want to share them, please feel free to put a link in one of your blog posts!


  1. I enjoyed this Andrea! What a cute idea.

  2. OMG, I love these Andria. They're so cool and totally funny too. Thanks for sharing, made me smile.

  3. Andria...I love them too!!! And I enjoyed the narrative you provided for each one...way cool art!!!

  4. Ha! I see you have the Stamp Head bug too! Those are all a riot -- love them and your additional notes.

  5. Aren't they just so amusing! Well done Andria.

  6. These are just fabulous - you did such a good job matching them up and the vintage photos you used are perfect!

  7. These are perfect. That Bunche one had me laughing out loud.

  8. maybe you´d like to join my Postage People ATC swap? just have a look at my blog where I´ve posted it last week ...